Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mary Harney

Went to give blood this evening. At a blood a bank. Yeah yeah I'm great, fair play to me, praise lavished upon me etc etc, not why I do it, but thanks. At the blood bank, whilst on the table being drained (don't know if thats the right term for it) I noticed why the HSE are in the state its in. You see, after you get tagged and bagged you sit around a table, drink coke and eat crisps and chocolate (thats why I do it)But while lying there looking at the table of sweets I was shocked and disgusted to see the table being taken up by small children!!!Drinking the coke and eating the sweets!! The parents come in to give blood and let their kids run wild like they are at a birthday party!!! They don't even give blood!!! Worst of all, a nurse has to pour the drinks and make sure the sweets keep coming! Years of training and valuable skills wasted because little harry wants a flake!!! Kids! Sit in the fucking car!! Hands off my sweets!!!

I only manged to get my hands on two flakes, a moro and a crunchie! (fun size, obviously)

The parents should either leave their off spring in the car or pay for the goods that are consumed!!!! I shall be notifying my local politician come election time (which can't come soon enough, aye politics fans??? oooooh politicians aye? Can't trust them!! Bankers!!)

Tuesday 25th March cont.....

Some more poetry. Try it yourself.

100 cement

Meaning: perfect, as good as can be, brilliant.

"Well lad ,thats perfect, 100 cement, sound,"

What a fucking idiot.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Monster is Loose.

I will be writing a review of the new Meat loaf album "Hang Cool Teddy Bear" later on in the week. Don't worry, it will be the only time I will ever offer my tiny opinion on any piece of culture. (Although if it goes well I may do a full Meat Loaf retrospective)

Is their anything more annoying than people who think they know about films, music, books etc, forcing their opinion on you?

"What do mean you haven't seen Raging Bull? It's a classic,you have to see"

So I did.

It's fucking boring.


Volcano erupted. Flights cancelled. Thousands grounded. Thousands stranded. Costs to airlines and business' millions of pounds. Timely reminder from mother nature of mans place on the planet and ultimately no matter how advanced our technology that we are essentially at the mercy of the uncontrollable natural events that over billions of years have shaped our planet, universe and solar system and that we are inconsequential in the over all scheme of the vastness of space? Nope, it was a coincidence.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Social Commentary?

Just checking the news today, I love the news always checking the news, newspapers news on line news on 6, I’m a news hound. The main head line today involved the successful separation of Irish conjoined twins. Hooray!! Great news. My heart is toasty….but in the statement realised by the understandable overjoyed and relived parents, the first “person” they thank is…can you guess…yes that’s right…. god! god!!! Do you think that maybe, just maybe the doctors and surgeons might be a tiny bit annoyed? Just a little bit? A pretty much lifetimes worth of study, dedication, practice and hard work and the parents thank god??! In the broader picture, centuries of medical science and ground breaking work by brave scientists to get surgery to a place where two conjoined twins can be separated successfully and the parents thank a pretend man in the sky!! I can’t imagine he had much of a hand in it really. Although I do think Darth vader caused the current banking crises….and superman is responsible for Barack Obama’s presidency…….and September 11th is Bono’s fault.

Good news about the babies though. Well done Doctors.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

OMG!!! Nw luk walo'blg!!!

alrit blg fns! wats d crc????!!!?!?! me blg ws squre so I cool'in it up. frm nw on it gona be dedly crc n dat. gona hv al d latst gos n cl pics it gona b wiked. i d bst blg on d hol net :) alrit gota go c me m8s 4 crc nw so chec l8r 4 al d crc n pics o me n me m8s doin cl tings n dat, giz al ur fedbc on d nw blg n d buzz n dat n rembr no sqrs on me blg! lol!

b me frd @ plz n jon d facbk grp "I Don't usually read blogs, but I recently discovered Andrew Smith's Wall of blog and I thought that post with the picture of the dog and the Jaws quote was good so now I check it most days now. It's not as good as it used to be though. I also eat three meals a day, sleep at night time and breathe air. OMG We have like so much in common!" plz if i gt 58008 fns b4 d reckinin i wil b lk so ap e!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Social situation!

How awkward I am!

What a person said!

Pick apart a mannerism or turn of phrase!

Dissection of this!

Pathetically pick apart their character.

Do these things to unsuccessfully mask how uncomfortable and inept I am.

Seemingly self deprecate but do this to show how self aware I am and therefore

Don’t actually realise that self deprivation and acknowledgement of
flaws is not an excuses for said flaws.

What I said!

But what I actually thought!

Complete opposites!

Be witty and focus on the seemingly banal aspects of things.

Over analise the trivial!

Reference obscure pop culture!

Include an in joke!

Address the reader!

Undermine the post with a seemingly sudden change of character and breaking of the fourth wall.

Be afraid to show a strong opinion on anything in case people don't like me!