Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where's Andrew?

This is a picture from taken at his excellent gig in the Iveagh Gardens in Dublin on the 18th of July this year. I'm in it.

(you may need to click on the image and zoom in. Have fun)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not Coming Anytime Soon!!

I bought I own it. is mine. I bought so I could move the to something nice and simple.

I really should have figure out how to actually export the contents of one site to the URL of an other before I paid the 8 euro. I haven't got a fucking clue how to do it.

Oh well. I can only hope now that wall of blog becomes the title of a major motion picture so I can sell it to the fat cats in Hollywood.

In the mean time visit It's mine. They don't pay me for the crap they have on it.


Thursday, July 8, 2010


This started out as a song but turned into a poem once I couldn't really keep up the genius of the opening rhyme....

Do you ever feel like a spare
a part of something but you shouldn't be there
you get in the way of the other two
deep inside you know they don't want you
But your afraid to leave them on their own
because you know you'll end up alone
if maybe she would look at you
just the way it was before
before the arrival of the other part
Then maybe I wouldn't take it to heart

This poem doesn't have a name...maybe it should be called "I'm so jealous that the girl who in my head should be my girlfriend likes other boys and not me"

If I have learnt anything from the last couple of days it's that the 16 year old me didn't know the difference between your and you're and also he was pathetic. And fatter.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I think initially the less context the better. Just enjoy it. I will check in later with some notes. But for now enjoy this untitled poem.

You are so pretty, you are so clever
I think I'm going to love you forever
Thank you honey for your smile
Your the one who makes it all worthwhile
Deep in my heart you will always stay
I hope that you will love me this way
I just stand and stare when you walk by
to a girl like you I'd never lie

But to someone like me you would never speak
to you I am a short fat geek
You make me feel very small
you pretend not to see me at all
You don't stand and stare when I walk by
Talk to me? You don't even try

Monday, July 5, 2010


Inspired by a feature on Andrew Collins and Richard Herrings BBC 6 music radio show on saturday mornings, where they read out their teenage poetry, I decided to have a look and see could I find any of my own work.....GOLD.

I hope to make this a regular feature. This was the first one I found but I know I wrote more... Remember that I'm sixteen, cant understand why girls (and most people) dont like me and I'm a lot more sensitive and deep than people think. Also I should say that although I wrote a great deal of my compositions as songs for my album, todays is a poem.


It is raining very heavy now
I am surrounded by people
yet I am alone
But alone I am not
as Jesus is with me
Like my heart and my lungs
He will always be there
And When I am out on my own
I shall not be alone
Because Jesus is with me
and with me stay?
long past the day
My heart and my lungs are not [there]
It is raining very heavy now
I am surrounded by people

Holy fuck. I'd love some feedback.