Friday, February 3, 2012


I spent way too long playing myself at chess today.

When I was younger and I was playing sport against myself, I would always take on the persona's of two established players in the field. So when I was playing tennis against the wall it was Sampras Vs Henman. When I was kicking football against the wall, it was Shearer taking shots againsts Seaman.

The only exception to this was when I was playing handball against the wall, it was always me vs someone better, fitter and more popular than me at school. (I would always win of course)

But who was going to play chess today? I think it pretty obvious it had to be Bobby Fischer vs Boris Spassky. The 72 world chess championship final of course, not the stupid 92 rematch. I quickly settled into the mindset of the two players and had an extraordinary time playing the sport of kings ( I don't think it is the sport of kings. That's horse racing isn't it?. Why is that the sport of kings?*)

Check it out

The players take their positions

The action kicksoff. This match was sponsered by Gillette Deodorant. The best a man can get

Now that's some classic chess

CHECKMATE! The white team take it! Spassky wins!!! What a turn up!!!

I took way more photos than this but I cant work out the order. I should have taken notes so I could have described the play by play. I'll know for the next match. First to 12.

Spassky 1 Fischer 0

*I just checked and it's actually POLO that's the sport of kings. It is a horse based sport. That's like a question that would be on Q.I, with horse racing being the answer that sets off the claxon. I'm not sure if claxon starts with a c or a k. The spell checker says K but my online dictionary says c.