Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Video Man

Netflix, or Netflicks as I like to call it, launched in Ireland this week and its pretty cool. Stream TV or films to your device of choice for only 6.99 a month. The first month is free! They do make you sign in with a facebook account, but, there a normal way to sign in also, it is just difficult to find. I like it. I have watched 25 epiosdes of hit Showtime comedy drama Weeds this week. Going to start Twin Peaks series 2 next week!

The film selection isn't great though. It reminds me of the man who, 15 years ago, used to call around to the house every Tuesday evening with his boot full of videos. You could pick 3 and keep them for the week, all for the low low price of 5 pounds. There was a lot there, but nothing you really want to see, nothing just released, nothing that would impress your friends in school. You still always felt though that you had to take 3 videos, because the video man was there. I feel the same about netflicks.I feel I should watch some films because I can, because they are there, not because I want to.

It is good for telly though.

But this annoys me!

Fucking Wacky Programmes!!! Arrested Development, "WACKY" bollox is it "WACKY"

All in all netflicks gets the thumbs up from wallofblog