Thursday, August 19, 2010

It bis nass

Just got an e-mail, as the owner of (don't use it) from a person claiming to own with an offer to purchase it for $200. Should I do it? I paid €9 to own (and never use) Maybe I should e-mail him back and offer to sell him for €200. I will have to use all my Honours degree in Business with second class honours powers to find a solution.

In fact anyone with any business related issues just get in touch, I can help them out. I have a second class honours degree you know so…….. BBs

Friday, August 13, 2010

Give me your money. I want your money.

Go to this link

I have decided to do the Dublin Marathon for the Asthma society. I had asthma as a child. It was a convenient excuse for being fat and lazy. Thinking about it now, I probably didn't have asthma, I was just fat and lazy. "Oh but you couldn't breathe" you say,well thats what a lot of fat will do to you. I remember,when I was eight, a doctor once telling me about how fat I was, and how much pressure I was putting on my organs, He said "Think of your school bag, fill it up with books and put it on your back, NOW ALSO PUT IT ON YOUR FRONT AS WELL!" Typing this now, I'm not sure what his point was. Anyway I was fat and couldn't do exercise and it was easy to blame the asthma. And he was a cunt.

Give me your money

I may also still have some slight issues with my weight.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nice Ride

It's in a Jurassic Parking place!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Strange but True

Cats are female dogs.

Lemons are baby oranges.

Jesus invented the helicopter.

Ghosts are exclusively white, black people come back as zombies.

Hitler founded Lidl.

Michael Jackson was the first black man in space, but exposure to space particles turned him white

Horse milk is used to make baileys.

James Bond is allergic to apples.

Chinese babies only spend 4 months in the womb.

Bob Dylan loved the hit sitcom Friends and used to tape the episodes of the telly. He has since bought the box set.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I have agreed to let The Elephant post here on wall of blog in exchange for exclusive extracts form his upcoming autobiography "A trumpet blast: The Elephant never forgets"


Read exclusive extracts from The Elephants Autobiography all this month only on wallofblog.

wallofblog first for exclusive extracts of all the big things from cool stuff and that. oh yeah.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good Morrow

Salutations Blog Fans

Sincere apologies for my prolonged absence from the web, you see, I took some time out to write my memoirs and upon my return I noted my last web based endeavour had gone the way of the gentleman’s pipe and fallen out of favour with the vast majority of folk aside from the select few who still enjoy setting some Butera Pelican English-Oriental smoldering in their Turkish Meerschaum. Upon my inquires as to where to go to once again to resume my musings and writings, I was pointed in the direction of wallofblog and after a brief chat with the brains behind it, I have been handed the keys to the castle as it were (not to confuse them with the keys to my castle, I say castle, its more stately home) and shall be contributing here as regularly as my busy schedule will allow.

It is great to be back. A trumpet!! A thousand trumpets I say!!!!!

I must note you can also follow me on twitter

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I promise a blog entry

everyday for the rest of this month. Quality will vary. This counts as one.

Prepare for lots of weak observations and self indulgent rubbish. And my opinion on things. Like this.....

The new Arcade Fire album is good


The Wire is good


I love Mad Men.

Also trying to pick a charity to run the marathon for but I have had such an easy life so far that nothing has any personal relevance. Can't go wrong with sick kids I suppose. I would like to do it for poor people in underdeveloped nations but I feel a great deal of (middle aged)Irish people with their inherent rasism and ignoance will begrude giving their money to such a cause. They will say things like "Ah but sure where does the money go" and "isn't there enough poor people in this country"

Although ask them to give money for this countries poor they will respond with "They should just get a job" or "it's their own fault, they spent all their money on herion, I need all my money for me"

Fair enough I suppose.

I actually don't want to do the marathon for any charity, I'm only doing it so I will force myself to take regular exercise and not be fat so girls will like me.

Self indulgent rubbish as promised.....

I have wasted too much material in this entry, I doubt there will be one tomorrow.