Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good Morrow

Salutations Blog Fans

Sincere apologies for my prolonged absence from the web, you see, I took some time out to write my memoirs and upon my return I noted my last web based endeavour had gone the way of the gentleman’s pipe and fallen out of favour with the vast majority of folk aside from the select few who still enjoy setting some Butera Pelican English-Oriental smoldering in their Turkish Meerschaum. Upon my inquires as to where to go to once again to resume my musings and writings, I was pointed in the direction of wallofblog and after a brief chat with the brains behind it, I have been handed the keys to the castle as it were (not to confuse them with the keys to my castle, I say castle, its more stately home) and shall be contributing here as regularly as my busy schedule will allow.

It is great to be back. A trumpet!! A thousand trumpets I say!!!!!

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