Tuesday, January 3, 2012

You stupid fucking cunt

As my hairline recedes exponentially with each passing day, the shame and embarrassment of being a 25 year old bald man increases also. The solution to this is the wearing of hats. It's a pretty simple solution and one that works well. I'm a big fan of the hat.

The ever growing hat collection.

Its easy. Going out in public, grab a hat, cover stupid bald head, spare the public the horror of a 25 year old bald man. As you can see I favour the "woolly hat" Or beanie as the cool kids call it. The solution works well in Ireland and can be carried out pretty much year round. The problem I face going forward is my, hopefully sooner rather than later, leaving of this country. Although the solution still applies in the cold winter climates, it becomes unusable in the summer months. The problems also increase. Not only will I want to keep my bald head covered to spare the public from my hideous round head, I also need something to stop my head from burning (as I found out last summer with my first experience of the suns rays burning my head through the thinning hairs.) The woolly hat solution no longer applies. It's just not practical, it looks stupid in the heat and the heat itself becomes unbearable.

The Solution is a new hat.

I recently made an experimental purchase( I only spent five euro) on a new type of hat. I would never wear this hat in this country. As an Irish person I'm predisposed to judge anyone I see with, what I perceive to be, an affectation out of the "norm" and assume that they are a bollox and up there own hole. (I believe from my own experience with other nationalities, Europeans and otherwise that this is a mainly British and Irish phenomenon, other races and nationalities tend to fall on the "good for you" side or don't even notice) This hat definitely falls into the "look at that cunt" category.

The hat

I should wear this hat next summer. I know I should. Its practical. Covers bald head, keeps head from burning, keeps head cool. I will be 5000 miles away. No one will see me. But I will know. Look at it, Its a stupid fucking cunt hat.

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