Thursday, March 15, 2012

I don't normally do this (talk about popular culture) but....

Popular music band "The Shins" have a new album out tomorrow. I'm not reviewing it or recommending it or any of that shite, there are enough cunts spouting their worthless opinions on the internet without me starting. I will say though, it's ages since they had anything out and they were my go to band in college when I was trying to impress girls. Any excuse to mention "The Shins" or get a lady to hear a "The Shins" song and I took it. It actually worked once too.

It was all like.....

"Yes ladies I do like sensitive quirky guitar based pop music. Oh you haven't heard of them? Yeah I know all about culture and stuff"

How could anyone resist?

Although as soon as they realised I just spent all my time reading music magazines so I could learn which bands nobody heard of played sensitive quirky guitar based pop music that emotional, average looking 19 year girls might be impressed by, they soon lost interested.