Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I think initially the less context the better. Just enjoy it. I will check in later with some notes. But for now enjoy this untitled poem.

You are so pretty, you are so clever
I think I'm going to love you forever
Thank you honey for your smile
Your the one who makes it all worthwhile
Deep in my heart you will always stay
I hope that you will love me this way
I just stand and stare when you walk by
to a girl like you I'd never lie

But to someone like me you would never speak
to you I am a short fat geek
You make me feel very small
you pretend not to see me at all
You don't stand and stare when I walk by
Talk to me? You don't even try


  1. this looks familiar to something i wrote too ha ha. hope i can find them. love it man. this is best thing so far i have heard of in years. genius

  2. I'm guessing people picked up on the fact that this is a Petrarchan sonnet? Yes? A verse that refers to unattainable love? With an opening eight line octave and a contrasting six line sestet? You may not have picked up on that. Its layered, I wrote it that way.