Thursday, July 8, 2010


This started out as a song but turned into a poem once I couldn't really keep up the genius of the opening rhyme....

Do you ever feel like a spare
a part of something but you shouldn't be there
you get in the way of the other two
deep inside you know they don't want you
But your afraid to leave them on their own
because you know you'll end up alone
if maybe she would look at you
just the way it was before
before the arrival of the other part
Then maybe I wouldn't take it to heart

This poem doesn't have a name...maybe it should be called "I'm so jealous that the girl who in my head should be my girlfriend likes other boys and not me"

If I have learnt anything from the last couple of days it's that the 16 year old me didn't know the difference between your and you're and also he was pathetic. And fatter.


  1. These are great. This one has the "whats wrong with me?" type feel to it, addressed to a third party. The last one, pitched directly at the object of your affection, was something i don't think i tried. I tended to write letters that would never be sent. Fuck.
    I still think "Alone" is the pinnacle, though. It just has that brilliantly teenaged "I'll be dead soon, and then they'll know" underlying the whole work. I don't know if i did anything as subtle as that. Because believe me, compared to some things i wrote, its a masterpiece.

  2. touch of cobain in that one. good stuff. i reckon all 16 years old are pathetic. i reckon 2 years old have a better understanding of their place in the world then 16 year olds.

  3. Letters that I didn't send??? I have A4 notebooks full of them! It's that sort of "If only they could see what I'm really like, no, what I'm really like, then they would love me. I think with "Alone" more than the other ones, I was aiming for high art, I wanted people to read between the lines. I dont know if you are joking about the Cobain thing but thats pretty much spot on. I wonder how all this works now with facebook and such?? I reckon if it was around 8 or 9 years ago I wouldn't have spent sunday afternoons sitting in the wardrobe, crying, writing poetry and listening to coldplay(I wonder why I didn't have a girlfriend)Instead I would have been sending direct messages and not writing letters that I'd never send declaring my love. Glad I'm not 16 anymore.

  4. no i wasn't joking. i can't wait to fine my stuff at home, its very like your poems. pity we were 16 year old boys who could not share how we felt about this stuff and shown each other are poems. we could have started the first ever irish grunge/emo band. we just were to interested in eating big bags of sweets, drinking lilt and watching The Rock vs Hulk Hogan. i glad i not 16 too. awful time in life, gets no worse then bein 16

  5. "we just were to interested in eating big bags of sweets, drinking lilt and watching The Rock vs Hulk Hogan" I still am

  6. me too. its gotten worse as well, up on two or three bags and a keg of lilt. wish wrestlemania was on right now, who cares about the world cup. over paid saps. i like my 'sports' stars to be entertaining in silly ways and pumped full of steroids.

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