Thursday, April 1, 2010


Social situation!

How awkward I am!

What a person said!

Pick apart a mannerism or turn of phrase!

Dissection of this!

Pathetically pick apart their character.

Do these things to unsuccessfully mask how uncomfortable and inept I am.

Seemingly self deprecate but do this to show how self aware I am and therefore

Don’t actually realise that self deprivation and acknowledgement of
flaws is not an excuses for said flaws.

What I said!

But what I actually thought!

Complete opposites!

Be witty and focus on the seemingly banal aspects of things.

Over analise the trivial!

Reference obscure pop culture!

Include an in joke!

Address the reader!

Undermine the post with a seemingly sudden change of character and breaking of the fourth wall.

Be afraid to show a strong opinion on anything in case people don't like me!

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