Wednesday, April 7, 2010

OMG!!! Nw luk walo'blg!!!

alrit blg fns! wats d crc????!!!?!?! me blg ws squre so I cool'in it up. frm nw on it gona be dedly crc n dat. gona hv al d latst gos n cl pics it gona b wiked. i d bst blg on d hol net :) alrit gota go c me m8s 4 crc nw so chec l8r 4 al d crc n pics o me n me m8s doin cl tings n dat, giz al ur fedbc on d nw blg n d buzz n dat n rembr no sqrs on me blg! lol!

b me frd @ plz n jon d facbk grp "I Don't usually read blogs, but I recently discovered Andrew Smith's Wall of blog and I thought that post with the picture of the dog and the Jaws quote was good so now I check it most days now. It's not as good as it used to be though. I also eat three meals a day, sleep at night time and breathe air. OMG We have like so much in common!" plz if i gt 58008 fns b4 d reckinin i wil b lk so ap e!