Thursday, April 8, 2010

Social Commentary?

Just checking the news today, I love the news always checking the news, newspapers news on line news on 6, I’m a news hound. The main head line today involved the successful separation of Irish conjoined twins. Hooray!! Great news. My heart is toasty….but in the statement realised by the understandable overjoyed and relived parents, the first “person” they thank is…can you guess…yes that’s right…. god! god!!! Do you think that maybe, just maybe the doctors and surgeons might be a tiny bit annoyed? Just a little bit? A pretty much lifetimes worth of study, dedication, practice and hard work and the parents thank god??! In the broader picture, centuries of medical science and ground breaking work by brave scientists to get surgery to a place where two conjoined twins can be separated successfully and the parents thank a pretend man in the sky!! I can’t imagine he had much of a hand in it really. Although I do think Darth vader caused the current banking crises….and superman is responsible for Barack Obama’s presidency…….and September 11th is Bono’s fault.

Good news about the babies though. Well done Doctors.

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