Monday, April 19, 2010

The Monster is Loose.

I will be writing a review of the new Meat loaf album "Hang Cool Teddy Bear" later on in the week. Don't worry, it will be the only time I will ever offer my tiny opinion on any piece of culture. (Although if it goes well I may do a full Meat Loaf retrospective)

Is their anything more annoying than people who think they know about films, music, books etc, forcing their opinion on you?

"What do mean you haven't seen Raging Bull? It's a classic,you have to see"

So I did.

It's fucking boring.


  1. sounds like a film i would have recommanded. think i'll do that more from now on just to bore you ha ha. love that meatloaf album name, i thought you were takin the piss until i seen it online. he went from bats to teddy bears he'll prob have kittens in his next album title. all i can say to that is that he is a legend

  2. There is no harm in recommending something to a friend, I think I'm referring to people who do it with out a sense of self awareness, the type of people who actually strongly believe that having seen a film or whatever makes them a better person than you or at least makes you a lesser person than them. Oh fuck. Thats me.

  3. ha ha me too i always feel that way