Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More of this Shite.

Friday 12th of March 1999

Today was ok. Went to school. Had a French test in it. Done Shite. In English we prayed. Art was no good, had a test in science I did ok. English was good fun sat beside Daniel on the bus. Had chips and sausages for dinner jim came home. Taped star wars trailer. Saw the Simpsons it was very very good. I played handball with myself saw comic relief.

Saturday 13th

Today was alright got up and went to cavan. I got a parker pen. We got mammy a watch and a pig teddy. Went to the Melbourne bakery. Had sausages and rashers. Went into dunnes. Got a Simpsons guide in the blue book shop. Went into Jims pub. Had no dinner. Saw Mr plow Simpsons. Mark was down saw don’t try this at home, had Chinese for tea. Mammy and Daddy went out for tea. Newcastle Lost.

Sunday 14th

Today was alright. I made breakfast for mammy and daddy. Daddy didn’t get up so I ate it. Went to mass saw Simpsons had a horrible dinner. Done homework watched face off. It was class. Cavan won I didn’t go to the match. Went for a drive got chewing gum and a milky bar. Went to the grave yards. Played James bond with myself. Mammy liked her presents, had no tea just buns. Jim went home mark was down saw two Simpsons

Monday 15th

Today was grand. Played handball before school. Won. Art was shite woodwork was ok. Went to the libeary in Irish got book on tall ships. Hurt my fingers playing handball. PE was class had fried chicken for dinnear. Got a pencil and ruler, played handball with myself. Saw neighbours and the Simpsons. Listened to meatloaf. Had a nice tea got fruit pastils. Saw Mrs Merton

Tuesday 16th

Today was grand didn’t play handball today. Woodwork was ok finished diber. Hockey was ok hurt my finger really bad. Had a bag of chips and some pops and no metal work. Had stew for dinner. Went to bridgets and played with david and football and rugby. Had coke and a kit kat had bread and tea. Saw who wants to be a millionare and had fruit pastiles. Francis Rang no school tomorrow.

Wednesday 17th

(No School St Patricks day) To-day was no good, got up at nine o clock. Had an egg in toast for tea. It was nice went to mass. I finished reading Jurassic park. Had chicken stuffing spuds and gravey. Started reading the lost world. Went to parade in Ballyjamesduff. It was shite had a cornet and some lucozade. Went to oldcastle got chips and a burger. Saw buffy and cornation street and south park was class

Thursday 18th

Today was ok. Science was really really really bad. In metal work I finished the screw. I started the spanner. Maths was no good. Had chips and a burger sat beside micky on the bus. Had voluvonts for dinner. Didnt play handball with myself. Saw grange hill neighbours and friends. Kathleen was here. Francis rang had three buns and a cup of tea. Saw top gear it was class. Saw red dwarf. Conformation tomorrow

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  1. "Played James Bond with myself." Martini and a wank?