Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm a bit depressed today because I'm 26 and leaving soon and have wasted my life here

Meat loaf once sang "A wasted youth is better by far than a wise and productive old age" Implying that when one is young, have a good time, party, get out there meet people and don't worry about the future.

That's not really a wasted youth is it? That's the opposite of a wasted youth.

I have pictorial evidence of my own wasted youth right here

My fucking DVD collection. What a massive waste of time and money. There is thousands of euro worth of shite in these boxes. I should have been out talking to girls. I should have been spending that money on learning to drive. I should have been exercising. But no, I was watching movies. I like movies, but most movies aren't good.

Lets have a look at what's in these boxes.

Yes! The straight to video Starship troopers sequel! You didn't even know that existed! I got it in extra vision in Kells in April 2005.....on the way home from the cinema.

This is a good film. Not worth the 35 euro I paid for it though in March 2004. 35 EURO. 35 EURO. I paid an extra 25 euro because I wanted the two disc special edition. I have never taken the second disc out of the box.

Speaking of over paying

How much do you think I paid for this? Day 2 of the 24 series. Yes that's right 74 euro. Easter 2004. The guts of 100 euro. Fuck me. You can buy the whole 8 series and the TV movie for that now. And it's one of the worst days!

Two movies (and there are many more) bought solely for the fact that there are boobs and lesbians in them. This was before the internet or me seeing a boob in real life.

Acclaimed Japanese animation from Studio Ghibli and director Hayao Miyazaki. I have never sat through more than 20 minutes of it. It's so boring. I'm really good at pretending to like it though
Pretentious fucking rubbish.

What??? You don't own every episode of the X-files on dvd!!!! That's pathetic, you're such a loser!

Yes that is two copies of the same film in different packaging.

Everyone must own at least one ITV documentary about Wings.
It's the Rock's most electrifying moments. I could do this for ages but I want to watch this now.
I do love my C.D's though. I'll sleep when I'm dead.

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  1. I'll give you 20 euro for the lot. I'm glad I was there for a number of those "2 for 10 euro buys" wink wink. I spent way too much too. Starship troopers DVD does have a buy me now sticker which is hard to walk away from. I love the rock