Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sometimes doing these makes me sad....

....not because I'm getting old but because I was such a little loser

Friday March 5th 1999

Today was good, got up at 10:30. Saw tellytubies. We got are new car. It is class. Electric windows and cool radio. It is a honda civic 94-cn-532. It is red went to oldcastle got chewing gum and lucozade. Had pasta for dinnear. Went up to sean and kevins went up the tree house and played football with kevin. Monica is hear. Got a curry, Breada gave me liar liar. Went to the frolics. It is good. Saw micky and Padraic. Went to kathleens house after.

Saturday March 6th

Today was no good. Got up at half nine and watched liar liar. It is very funny. Had a cup of tea mammy got me lucazade in the town. Watched a cowboy film pauline was here.Went to virginia got grapes and fanta and hubba bubba. Had cocktail sausages saw some of dont try this at home.Went to oldcastle got hubba bubba rented GODZILLA. godzilla is no good. monica was here

Sunday 7th

Today was ok. Got up at half nine had a bath.Wore my jeans and jims jumper. Had a cup of tea and bread. Watched Godzilla went to mass. Seen simpsons and robot wars. Had lovely dinner it was very nice. Watched the end of godzilla went for a drive. Went to the graveyard got sweets and a drink. Went to mountnugent game. They lost. had lovely tea. Saw mr bean cornation street the simpsons and red dwarf.

Monday 8th

Started reading Jurassic Park again. Today was ok, didnt play handball today. Had free Irish and art. Had geo in room 24. PE was very good I really like playing Hockey. Had a really nice dinner done all my homework. Saw blue peter neighbours and the simpsons.Played handball with myself had tea and bread saw friends and mrs merton francis rang.

Tuesday 9th

Today was ok had cup of tea. went to school. Did some stupid drawing of a garden diber in woodwork. Hockey was class. Went to watch the badminton finals they were no good. Nearly finished the book in English. All we done in metal work was right. Had stew for dinner played handball with myself. Went to the village got sweets Saw half of ally mcbeal.

Wednesday 10th

Today was ok. Went to school, have french test on friday.Science was no good, had to go to mass in history. Michael and stephen got in trouble for messing. Done pottery in art made face. Maths was good enough. Woodwork was good. Had sagpite bolinase for dinner. Done all my homework played handball with myself. It was class. Saw buffy the vampire slayer and 1/2 of er. taped goldeneye

Thursday 11th

Today was ok. Went to school. Double science was shite. Really shite. Was using the lade in metalwork.it was class. had geo in room 24 and woodwork in room 21. it was crap had pasta for dinner. Stephen and david were here so I couldnt play handball with myself. It rain. Done no homework. Saw red dwarf. it was good had bread for tea.

Just look at Wednesday the 10th

played handball with myself. It was class.

Not only was I playing handball with myself, but today's standard of handball was of a higher quality than normal. So high in fact, that I had to make a note of it in my diary (which I would have been writing several hours later) so I would never forget about it.

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