Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Game!

Inspired by old Irish legends, I invented a game to play when out for a run.

1. Get a load of spit in your mouth.

2. Fire it as high and as far into the air as possible.

3. Run on and try to get your spit to land on your face.


Don't speed up before you fire. Even the slightest hint of acceleration will project the spit beyond your reach.

Bonus points if it lands back in your mouth.

It is awesome and disgusting.

This is the kind of shit I do now. I'm going away so I don't care about anything. I had 3 fudge bars today. FOR BREAKFAST! FUDGE BARS! FOR BREAKFAST! I'm going off the rails.

1 comment:

  1. if this is what you leave ireland with, as you head to china then im very proud to call you a friend. Fudge is amazing