Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm a stupid cunt.

Yesterday I was taking a walk around a few of my old haunts, having one last look before I leave. It was pretty emotional.

I walked down to the river in the sunshine and talked to the swans. I headed over to the lake where I spent many summers as a child and sat on the pier looking out at the deadly still water reflecting the cloudless blue sky.

I then wandered off the path to get to my old fishing spot where I have spent countless evenings with my dad, repeatedly casting, but never catching anything! I hopped a gate and walked close to the lake shore. I had to cross a fence that jutted out slightly into the water to get where I was going. Studying my environment, I figured I would climb up a tree on one side of the fence and jump down the other side. I climbed the tree, and as I got up to the right height, I realised it was too high to jump down. Giving up, I began my descent but slipped and fell out of the tree, down onto rocks. I landed hard on my elbow and lost all feeling in my arm. I couldn't move any of my fingers as the blood gushed out. I stood up and was incredible dizzy, and, as my environment spun,I got a feeling in my stomach and without knowing what was going on, I vomited on myself and on the ground. A voice in my head said "Come on Andrew, don't pass out" In that instant, everything was over. I thought my arm was broken. I wasn't going to China. I was going to have to explain to people I couldn't go to China because I broke my arm climbing a tree. A 26 year old man. I was going to have to explain that to my parents.

Luckily, within about a minute, the feeling returned to my arm, and, one by one, to my fingers. Although bruised, cut and swollen there is no long term damage to my arm, side and thigh.

I was pretty fucking lucky.

The moral of the story is "Adults, Don't climb tress!"

It's also damaging to my pride. 15 or 16 years ago, my younger cousin told me that I was "the best tree climber in mountnugent"

His words.

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  1. Good god!!!!! I think Bruce wants you to stay in Ireland so u can go see him with me. Did u really get sick? Amazing.

    Ha ha thats great. Best tree climber in nugent ha ha love it