Monday, March 26, 2012


Shortly after I came home, I went into the sports shop in Cavan to get some running gear. I wanted a pair of leggings for running. I knew the winter was coming and(and although she ended up horrid mild) I always find the worst thing about running in the winter is the thought of putting on shorts in the cold weather. I flicked around the rails and on the sales hanger there was a pair for 25 euro. They were unisex and the cheapest pair in the shop. Just what I needed. I thought. I brought them to the counter and, as the teller was ringing them up, he said "you know these are children's size?" obviously I didn't, but I said "yeah yeah yeah, exactly what I need" Every 25 year old man wants sports gear for a child dont they? My inability to select the right gear, and my unwillingness to admit I made a mistake, cost me 25 euro and meant I was freezing this winter.

Good times.

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