Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Behind the Magic part 2. A TRIBUTE. Russia.

Wall of blog has had almost 4000 hits since its inception in early 2010. If I allowed advertising on this site I could have made almost 4 euro. Don't worry though, I will never allow advertising on wall of blog. I wouldn't sell out my principles just for a whole heap o'greenbacks.

(I would write a whole paragraph though, just to use the phrase "Whole heap o'greenbacks")

Just over half my hits come from Ireland, 25% from the UK/USA and the rest from a variety of non-English speaking countries (aside from New Zealand). By far the most popular from this group is Russia. I don't believe I'm particularly Russian centric on the blog, in fact, I've never even been to Russia! I did work with a Russian man once though, he gave me sweets. (This wasn't my job, taking sweets from a Russian man, it was on a production line in a furniture factory.)

Over the next while I will be paying tribute to all my foreign readers and the various countries they come from.

This is what I know about Russia.

Oh and if you find this vaguely racist, be aware I'm exposing your ignorance, not mine

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