Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Rest of Sundays Post. I only did 4 days because I was too lazy to do any more so here are the other three days.

I'm enjoying doing these. Before we go back to 1999, I'm going to do to-day in the old style.

Tuesday 21st February 2012

Today was ok. got up at 10 and drank coffee. went for a run, when I got home I drank more coffee. made ten pancakes and ate them all. i was playing my guitar and breda came to give mammy a handbag. daddy came home from work. I went to bed for an hour. daddy was going to cavan I went with him. got my dole on the way. Put it in the bank in cavan. got diet coke. came home watched how I met your mother and the office and parks and rec. made hot chocolate it was horrible. watched the brits and did the blog.



Tuesday the 23rd 1999

To-day was ok, got up easily this morning!??? Had a cup of tea. played handball this morning, had no woodwork. P.E was class we won alot. Had free cspe. got chips at lunch time, played hand ball and got wet.Ha! filed piece in metal work. had stew for dinner. done all my homework. Saw grange hill neighbours, fresh prince of bel air and home improvement. For tea I had a cup of tea and 3 pieces of bread. saw fair city, played my little computer. Francis rang. Paddy rang. Saw Alley Mcbeal too

Wednesday 24th

Today was ok had a cup of tea. Won 11-1 this morning. I scored ten points. There was an u-14 soccer game in school today. They won 8-3. I got 4 pops and chips for lunch. Had two free classes. Had Chicken spuds and gravy. saw neighbours and mel and sue and saw buffy. Had burger buns and a cup of tea. Francis rang was talking for ages. Saw coronation street and I saw E.R

Thursday 25th

Got one birthday card from Kathleen. Today was ok. School was no good. In science we cut up an eye ball. It was very good. Metal work is no good. Had chips and 2 pops. Had last class free do my homework in it. had chicken and gravy and spuds for dinner. saw the ward and grange hill and neighbours. Daddy got me lucozade. Had cocktail sausages for tea they are nice. We are getting a new car a red honda civic 04. Saw red dwarf

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