Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Creative Process

Ideas which I have had today that for a second I thought I might be able to write a piece about.

luckily I came to my senses because they are all fucking rubbish and make me sick in my mouth a little.

1) About how I don't trust people with 085 or 083 numbers as they are fickle etc etc

I actually wouldn't be surprise if, in the future, I saw some Irish comedian, recognisable from the panel, doing a similar routine

2) A social netting working service called "bitter" for people with no friends!!

poor poor parody.

Could see it popping up in a celebrity impressions thing on channel four, someone dressed up as Peter Andre logging on to "bitter" (oh god, there's the mouth sick)

3) How annoyed I get when people hilariously say "What happens if you google "google"? Does like the Internet break or something"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" No. You get a fucking link to fucking google. Cunt.

But that observation is as weak as the observation I'm getting annoyed over.

Just had a packet of jelly tots. They were nice

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes, when i write a hilarious piece in my imaginary blog, read by thousands of people who all wish they were my friend, i propose a seemingly stupid idea, go into it in some detail, before i realise that i've just described a popular thing thats doing the rounds, and that by breaking it down like i've just done i've exposed its ridiculousness to the public, who then boycott the thing i'm ridiculing, which i would only do because i hate it.
    "Hey, bands are so manufactured, why don't we just let the public elect them by picking and choosing their own pick n mix band, see we'd get a show and some phone lines, oh wait a minute i've just realised thats X factor"
    And thats genuinely the most current thing i can think of. I don't understand most new trends enough to mock them with any kind of authority. "Oh the twitter, and the social networking, all the old friends, and the 500 others, of course, they're not real friends, it not really popularity". And thats how i do topical.
    When are you reviewing the meat loaf album? Empty promises.