Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Short Fat Bald Paedophile

SpecSaver's range of designer male glasses are all assigned peoples names. The above glass are called "Andy"

The above glass would only ever be worn by a short fat bald paedophile. Look at them!

I'm nearly there though. Need glasses, short, fat, balding.............oh no!!! It's like Minority Report!! These glasses have shown me my future!! The more I struggle to prevent it, the more likely it is to happen.


  1. what will captialism think of next!!

  2. they actually remind me of the glasses that the bad guy in the lovely bones. he was bald and a paedo too.

  3. Thats where I've seen them before!! The Lovely Bones trailer! He was an awful bollox, that lad. Murder as well!!! He gives the Andys a bad name.

  4. Check the rubberised section at the end of the legs, perfect for chewing nervously while trying not to be noticed outside a primary school.