Monday, March 8, 2010

My Gambling Addiction

Lost ten euro on the Oscars last night. The Coen brothers' "A Serious Man" should win every award there is in the world. It and Fantastic Mr Fox. The two best films of the last year. Anyway I put ten euro on a serious man to win best picture at 100/1. It was a fun bet. The second bet I placed this year. The other one was on the super bowl a few weeks ago. Won 17.50! Go Colts! or Saints! Or lakers or other american team. God bless America. So I'm up 7.50 including my loss last night. Two bets this year on two novelty events. My Mother is now convinced I have an addiction to gambling. No matter what the result last night,this was always going to be the outcome. If I won, that was it, I would get drunk on the thrill of winning so much money and if I lost,like I did, I'm going to keep gambling to cover my losses. Damm right I am, going to put a monkey on little toddy pipkins in the 3:15. Not really. I might bet on who killed Archie Mitchell though. I reckon Bradly did it. I don't think betting on novelty events is the same as a gambling addiction. I don't think I can go to gamblers anonymous and confess my addiction of betting 2 euro on the outcome of a soap story line or who will win x factor(Damm you Stacy!) It would be like going to a meeting for drug addicts and saying I can't shake this twix addiction. I eat 3 a day. It's not real gambling is it? Its as much gambling as watching pulp fiction is taking smack. Tony Soprano doesn't organise an executive game for people watching dancing on ice, although that would be a good episode "aaaa 5gs on the guy from boyzone aaaa bada bing etc"

Maybe I do have a problem? Maybe I'm in denial. It will be in embarrassing in 5 years time, reading this, when I need to borrow money from my family to place a bet on which celebrity will be mauled to death in what ever the latest show is.

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