Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I am a prick

I am applying to do a masters course in september. As part of the thing I had to write 600 about my hopes and dreams.

This is the rough draft I have just finished. Still full of mistakes.

"In the current economic climate I believe that a master’s qualification is very important. It feels to me at the moment that my education, even at honours degree level, is incomplete. I completed my degree last year with the view to taking a year out before applying for a master’s course and gaining work experience and saving money. Applying for positions has only reinforced in my mind the importance of further education. After much fruitless searching for work and a couple of small opportunities I have started a fas work placement programme, which although is unpaid, it is giving me valuable experience in the recruitment industry. I feel that with my current unpaid work experience and hopefully an eventual masters qualification I will be in an ideal position to begin a career I will like and will be much more attractive to potential employers. I also feel that now is the perfect time in my life to begin a masters course, I am still hungry to learn and develop further and I don’t know if I were to leave it for another year or more if I still will be. Also migration is becoming an option (or a necessity) and I don’t want to have to leave Ireland, I feel if I do now I may never get a chance to complete my studies. I have always thought that I don’t want to be a person who studies a subject at third level and then ends up working in a completely different area. I am determined to finish my studies and begin a career that I have been working hard for the past number of years.

I feel that that the economic downturn has presented me with the chance to really embrace the chance to further my studies and my academic career. I think that one should look at and seek out the positive aspects of the situation. It would be too easy to use the recession as an excuse to give up and settle into a job one would be unhappy in or even to live off social welfare payments but I do not want to do this I believe that it has presented me with a challenge and a chance to work hard to overcome the adverse economic conditions and strengthen my character. I feel education and a chance to study the current working environment will be essential as Ireland emerges from recession into a changed business and economic world.

I feel that due to my current situation after a long period of unemployment and doing work placement for free I am in the perfect frame of mind to tackle something as work intensive as a master’s qualification. I have realized now more than ever how much having a goal and a task means to me and how important it is to keep ones minded focused and active. I think now after a period of not working I will appreciate the challenge and the opportunity even more then I would have other wise.

I think that the work that I am currently doing in the recruitment industry as part of my work placement program will be very beneficial to me in doing a masters qualification in hr and industrial relations. It is giving me first hand experience of one aspect of hr that I feel will be an excellent spring board back into studying the subject, as the placement ends in august I think that it will the perfect time to start, as opposeeed to after a period of unemployment. I think seeing the industry and then studying at that level will give me an excellent feel for the world of hr and set me up very well for my future career"

What a Dickhead

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