Sunday, March 7, 2010

How not to eat Ice-Cream

Ice-cream should only come in single serving tubs. If you want more, buy two. Or three. Big tubs are bad. If there is a large tub that must be divided up between many people, use a single spoon to serve it into individual dishes and give each individual person a separate spoon. Never just leave it a free for all. It's not that I don't like sharing, I do, I'm very nice. But if the tub is opened and everyone dives in with their spoons it is just disgusting. Spoon goes in ice cream. Spoon goes in mouth. Spoon goes back into ice-cream. Mouth. Ice cream. Mouth. Ice-cream. Mouth. Ice-cream. This is fine for one person, but when there are 2,3,4 + people doing this it is horrible. All those spoons in all those mouths in just ONE tub of Ice Cream!!!! It soon becomes a tub of ice cream with added saliva. Think about it. Why not just regurgitate the ice cream into each others mouths like a mother bird feeding it's babies!!!

Doesn't just apply to ice cream. Jelly too.

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