Thursday, March 25, 2010


***WARNING***This post contains foul language, words like FUCK and CUNT. Don't read it if you are easily offended***

The "man" I "work" with loves making things rhyme. It’s like some form of Longfordesque cockney rhyming slang.

Some Examples

1)Flat to the Mat

2)Bell on the Cell

3)Relax the Tax

You are confused. I will translate each one and use them in a sentence.

1)Flat to the mat; Busy

Example "Well lad, not ah fuckin' hope a gettin out to ya this afternoon, I'm flat to the mat boy"

2)Bell on the Cell; Verb, to make a telephone Call


" Is that cunt still on ta ya? wait til I give him a bell on the cell, I'll tell him where to stick his wibbly wobbly wonder"

3) Relax the Tax; Calm down


“Just relax the tax for wan fuckin’ second until I get a loc a grub into the belly and she will be away again or you’ll not see her until Christmas me boy, or if you do she will have the hair colour changed if you know wha I mean or maybe ya don’t but ya will shortly!!!!!”

Poetry is fun.

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