Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Basement Tapes

I decided that instead of just presenting the text of my teenage song,I would record it. The mix is a bit low so I recommend you use ear phones. Also keep in mind that I'm not a good singer, guitarist or have any creative ability whatsoever. The lyrics may have been written ten years ago but I doubt I would do any better if I tried now!

An mp3 of the song is available by request (free of charge)

It's over on the wallofblog soundcloud page, click on the title below.


"Ten years after writing them, the author found these lyrics from his teenage self in a box of old crap. He quickly composed some music to go with them and made this demo. I'm sure you'll agree that what he lacks in vocal ability and musicianship, he more than makes up for in the sheer raw pain and passion of the poetic lyrics"

Time after Time after Time


  1. Any more? "A stretch in the evening" perhaps?

    1. “Stretch in the Evening” belongs to a completely unrelated side project and as such won't appear on wallofblog. Although still in its infancy, the early work is very promising and those involved are aiming for June 2012 debut for this project.