Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Back to the well

Regular visitors will know that in July 2010 I rocked the very foundation of the internet and my readers brains with my amazing teenage poetry.

It was long assumed that that well was dry and all the material from that time was in the public domain...well hold on to your hats readers, I've found another batch of stuff from the same period! The new stuff includes a poem, a song (laid out like an actual song, verse, bridge, chorus etc)and a long 6 page essay I wrote when I was 17 about the evil of alcohol in Irish society.

This essay is very embarrassing for me. Naturally I will post bits and pieces of it at some stage. I don't mind acknowledging how pathetic I am, with my poems and songs and diary, it's all good fun, but when you stumble across something that also shows you to be a prick, its a little more difficult. Anyway....

I'm going to publish the poem today, Its called "the Void"

The Void

The Void between us grows and grows
This is not the life I chose
I want you here, I want you near
'cos to me, you're very dear
Things have changed so suddenly
This is not who I want to be
I don't just want to be your "friend"
I want to be with you until the end

Not my finest work, but it did inspire the song I mentioned above.

Check back tomorrow for the song.
It's called time after time after time.


  1. i cried a lil. teenage years are awful. all that self pity. pretty sure i have some stuff like that at home my friend

  2. I can honestly say yes, this is exciting. I'd love to see the essay. Was it inspired by me coming home drunk when you'd sell me your least favourite cds? A catatonia single and best of queen volume 2. Bargains.

  3. ha ha ha i can imagine andy waiting for jim to come so he could sell him rubbish ha ha. this is brilliant