Friday, January 6, 2012

Remembering Stuff!

Hello! Welcome to the first part of a new series here on wallofblog called "Remembering stuff" It's basically what I will do when I'm too lazy to think of anything good,

I do promise though never to remember school, eighties cartoons, or anything confectionery based.

Remember when PlayStations were so popular this got made

It may be the worst thing to come out of the excess of the celtic tiger. It really was awful. I paid 55 euro for it in Tesco the weekend it came out. If I wanted to see a poor representation of our national sport I could just try play it in real life. (Or go to a Cavan match, Am I right sports fans????!!!!!!)

At least we never got Grand Theft Auto: Limerick. Or Need For Speed:Granard


1 comment:

  1. cant believe this game was ever made. it must of had the smallest target audience in the history of video games