Thursday, May 3, 2012

You wouldn't steal a handbag??????

Not many western movies are released here, and when they are, its mainly Titanic. They love that movie. I was having a discussion with one of older classes the other day about western culture and at one stage I got two male students to act out the I'm flying bit.

It's difficult seeing movies. Two cinemas show them, but one dubs them and the other subtitles. And they change this around every couple of months it seems. I want to see the avengers but I'm sure if it will be released here. Sure, Titanic is fine, the folly of the west sinks due to arrogance and incompetence. Let all the Chinese people see that. But a team of American super beings, fighting for America, saving the whole world??? It's hard to know.

So I pulled a clogher markets circa 95 on it and downloaded a "cam"

A cam is when someone brings a digital recording device into the cinema and films the film.

For all the advances in digital recording, it still looks like it was filmed on hi 8.

It was still watchable though.

I have to stop besting the Chinese government. They hate that


  1. Does this mean you'll have to go on holidays to an English speaking country for a few days when batman comes out?

  2. It would be an excuse to go to Hong Kong! It will play here eventually, maybe a month or two after home. In IMAX too.