Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Best restaurant in the city. If you come here, this is where we will eat. They also just let you sit and drink if you don't want food.
There was spuds, noodles (flat noodles, nice noodles, not stringy)and chicken in this. This was shared. Everyone eats from the same dish. There were three of us. This was just before we got mantou (Spicy bread) and mopped up the sauce. Fucking deadly.
This is cucumber. I think it's a Chinese thing.
I love these little cunts. Had eight of them. You have to rip them open, pull out the little worm and chew on the husky shell and then spit them out. On the street. This was about two in the morning. It's fairly warm here now so the restaurants have just started to put tables outside. It's great.

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