Sunday, April 15, 2012


There are a lot of young teachers here at the moment. What, you say I'm young?? Nah not really. Lots of 19,20,21 year olds. They are all on the same programme I came out on last year. It's a very strange experience spending time with them. They are able to drink 2, maybe 3, nights in a row and not want to kill themselves. There is not a hint of self doubt or deprecation about them. I suppose that's what happens when you come straight from school or college to this, on your parents dime, without facing the harsh realities or the real world. Anyway I'm rambling, what I really want to discuss is the music they listen to. What the fuck happened to bands? Or guitars? I don't think I'm that old fashioned when it comes to what I listen to, I even listen to a couple of lady singer/songwriters, and some hip hop but the youngsters must recreate a night club at every oppuntuity. It's just people shouting over noise. Ten o'clock break in the morning, someone will whip out there iPod and start the boom boom booms. Call round to someone during the day to drop of papers boom boom boom. Call over for a few drinks boom boom boom. I believe some of it is called "dub step" and it builds to a "sick drop"It all sounds the same!! I know I can be a bit nerdy, and I don't expect everyone to be listening to Leonard cohens excellent 1968 album "songs from a room" all the time, like I currently am, but at least some songs with words and guitars. When I was their age The Strokes and The White Stripes and Franz Ferdinand and The Libertines were doing great work and there was the Killers and Oasis and Snow Patrol and Coldplay for people who didn't know much, but that's all gone now. It's just loud shite. I can't figure out why they enjoy it. One boy says that it drains his energy when he is not listening to this type of music. Like a shit version of the movie crank. What a cunt.

This isn't just some "It was better in my day" type rant because, come on,it still is my day. Its just something I'm confused about. You would be also if you spent time with a group of 20 year olds.


  1. Ha ha brilliant ha ha wat a cunt. That Leonard Cohen album is great by the way.

  2. Geh wivvit, graaandad. Yoof culcha, innit?