Friday, April 13, 2012

Go play your video games

What is the greatest video game of all time??? Who is the greatest character? Is it the Legend of Zelda with green fairy boy hero Link? Or Super Mario Bros 3 with our red shirted hero Mario? Metal gear and Soild snake? Championship Manager 99/00 with yourself filling the heros role?

None of the above..

The greatest character ever is this cunt...

The Doodler

and his Game

Doodle Jump

I love this game. When I first got it a couple of years ago, and before my ipod was stolen, I played it for over 50 hours. Altough it's on the ipad, that version never really clicked with me, but I have recently purchased an ipod touch and I'm back on the doodle scene.

The Doodler in action

After a little over 6 hours play time I have smashed all previous doodlings and scored almost 49,000 points.

I'm amazing. I also have a great deal of free time.

Have a doodle. Send me your scores.

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