Saturday, April 21, 2012


It's funny how in a communist country where freedom is crushed at every turn, I have more freedom than ever. I drank 15 pints of beer the other day(A personal best,thank you, thank you). On a weekday. At 12 o'clock. I would never get away with that at home. Who are the real bad guys?????

I went for a medical yesterday and, as a white man, I got to skip the queue at every turn. Of course, because I'm a white man, all the people who I skipped ahead of came into the various exam rooms to have a look at the white man with his top off. Almost totally hairless and flabby. We are all like that. At home you couldn't go into an exam room when someone else is having a medical. The doctor examining me didn't care. Imagine, in Ireland, following a black man into an examine room and saying to the doctor "Just having a look, want to see the colour of his nipples" "That's grand man, come in" Wouldn't happen. But people here have the freedom to do it. They also litter, spit, hit their students(I don't) and smoke inside.

Seems okay to me. Don't know what all the commies are bad fuss is about.

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