Sunday, April 1, 2012

Automated prepared blog post!

By the time you read this, or it gets published, I should be an a plane. I'm actually writing this on my iPad, on the toilet on Saturday morming. Got to write when you can, I've lots to do day and I better do a few of these.

If the plane crashes and I die (although I probably won't, I will just land on my elbow and get sick) there is a function on blogspot that allows blogs to be turned into books, for 16 dollars a pop. I can't imagine it's a proper book, more one of those fancy "typing in hard back notebooks" that are used for dissertations (I wouldn't know, I didn't have to do one for my pretend degree) I would like this blog to be turned into a "book" and sold in the counter in Kenneth's with all the profits going to the local GAA club. I say GAA club, I mean starving kids in Africa. Someone needs to proof read it first though, as anyone who writes a daily blog/dissertation knows, it's near impossible to proof read your own stuff with 100% accuracy.

If my body isn't discovered after the crash, assume I'm battling my way through the Russian wilderness or somewhere to get home. Don't publish the blog then though, as I will need it to write an amazing blog post about battling through the Russian wilderness or somewhere.

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