Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lizard in a Blizzard.

I had planned to spend this afternoon trying to build some of my songs in Garageband for iPad but then I started drinking whiskey and watching 24 and this became too difficult.

I then realised that there was no point working on my own songs in Garageband because I can't use it well enough, and anyway, the charts are full of people shouting nonsense over drums, so I decided to give that a go instead. I cant really use garageband and I dont know anything about music but this is the result.

It's called "Ridin' shotgun (cock n'balls) ohhh"

Click the title for wob soundcloud

Ridin' shot gun (cock n'balls) ohhh

There we go. Pretty hot shit. I've got a hit on my hands.

Rihanna, give me a call, we can work together. I promise I won't try and have sex with you.(I will)

1 comment:

  1. its like alvin and the chipmunks on crack. i love it though