Friday, March 30, 2012

Big wheels roll through fields where sunlight streams...

When I was nine or ten I was in my friends Francis' house for a day of fun. It had been raining the day before and the grass was wet, but we still had a game of football. I'd imagine he won. When we finished, my feet were wet, so, his mother gave me a fresh pair of his socks to put on.

The Socks

I obviously never gave them back. They have become my favourite socks...although they have seen better days.

"Threadbare" My Mam calls them

These socks have been in England, Switzerland, France, Germany, China and America.

I'm currently packing for my trip on Sunday.....first thing in the bag.....


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  1. I've had t-shirts like that. Not ones that I had gotten from my friends mother but ones that came everywhere with me. It's a horrible, horrible day when you try to take one off by pulling it over your head and it just rips in your hands.