Monday, March 12, 2012

The big sports.

I've decided to get into a new sport. Not play one, but follow one. I only really like tennis at the moment, it's easy to follow because it's only on 4 times a year. I like premiership football also, but it hasn't been the same for me since King Kev left the toon and Shearer and Ferdinand were playing up front. I think it's too late for me to get into rugby. It's like I'd be jumping on the bandwagon. I'm old enough to remember when it wasn't that popular here and now every Tom, Dick and Harry answers Ireland's call. I could go American, they have loads of sports. But I think I prefer movies about American sports rather than the sports themselves. Space Jam. The might ducks 1 and 2 (haven't seen 3). Moneyball. That really long one about American football with Al Pacino. Golf! Golf is big. Ireland are the champs. But watching golf just makes me want to play golf on the Xbox or iPad. Snooker! Not a sport. F1! Tried before. It's on when we are eating dinner on a Sunday so I can't watch it.


Its not very popular here but we have an up and coming international team! Neil Hannon wrote an album about it! It can be easily followed online and entire tournaments are covered on the radio!

I just need to learn the rules!

Follow me on my amazing journey into the world of cricket!

First task.

Check what teletext page it's on.

BBC 1 page 340!

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