Sunday, February 19, 2012

What I ate.

Friday 19th of February 1999

No School/Medals

Today was good. Woke up at 8.30. Watched the big breakfast in bed.Got up had a cup of tea and some bread. Didnt go to the town saw boy meets world. it was good watched red dwarf. Had Chicken and chips for dinner. Collected Jim from mullingar. Messed with Jim. Saw the simpsons. Stephen was here had a cup of tea. We won the table quiz in mountnugent. beat the lees by 1 point. Got medals won 5 pound

Saturday 20th

Today was very good. Got up at 20 to 11. Made sausages for breakfast. Burned myself 6 times. Mammy got me shandy and polos. Played monopoly with myself. We went up to gees she brought us to see a bugs life in navan it was class. Went into the shopping centre. Sile bought me a handball for my birthday. Got Mcdonalds chicken burger and chips. Got fudge in Kells. Went back to gees. me and stephen played handball. We rented out video for jim "Volcano" Got Lucozade and pops

Sunday 21st

Today was ok. got up early and watched volcano. Had a cup of tea. wore my navy clothes. After mass I went to gavins house. We played the pc computer it was good. Had beef for dinner. It was nice. Played the playstation after dinner. Played soccer and grand theft auto. Finished it. played with lego. Watched robot wars. had pizza. Went home at 8.saw 2 simpsons.

Monday 22nd

Today was alright. Got up at half nine. had a cup of tea. went to oldcastle got pops peanuts and sweets. Picked out a watch for my birthday.Stephen was here we played handball. Got letter from someone in Italy. I had chicken spuds and gravy for dinner. We had nice stuffing. saw two simpsons. Had rolls for tea. Francis rang. Saw Mrs Merton. It was good. Saw friends. It was funny. Learned Irish.


  1. I remember that quiz, we did beat the Lees, mainly because we swapped answers with Francis's team between rounds. Why in gods name was I in Mullingar of a friday though? Unless Donnellys wasn't going....

    1. I'm pretty sure it was granard, I seem to get the two towns mixed up a great deal.

      Thomas Brady gave us the minister for agriculture towards the end and we took the prize.

      Can't believe we never entered another quiz, it was an amazing team. You and dad on general knowledge, Sile on stuff that actually happens in the real world. And me on sport, specifically the Newcastle Utd season of 95/96.

    2. Just re-read it, and the pairing of "shandy and polos" made me laugh.

    3. When we form a folk duo, that's our name.

  2. another fantastic blog post. feel like i know u better from that time and what u enjoyed for dinner

    1. Today I had sour haribo and a large bag of mars planets.