Sunday, February 12, 2012

Playing with myself.

New feature!

I only realised this morning that I have a document of my entire teenage life.

From May 1998 up until September 2005 I kept a fairly constent diary. It starts of as pretty much a list of what I did on an given day and as I get more into my teenage years, it gets less regular, but the woe is me factor gets upped considerably.

This shit is too good not to publish.

Every so often I'm going to pick a week and put it up here. Today we are going to go back to this day 1999.

(NOTE. When I say I'm in my room playing handball with myself its not some euphemism for pulling my plum, I am actually playing handball with myself, hitting the ball against the bedroom wall over and over again)

Friday February 12th 1999

Today was ok, started to do the quey in english. In art I drew the south park lads. Didnt play handball at all. Had science in room 10. There is a hole in room 9. Had free english it was great fun. Had pizza and chips. I drew a picture of the 4 south park lads. It took me 2 hours. Saw simpsons at 6 o'clock. Declan came down, saw robot wars. Declan is a tool. Saw never mind the buzzcocks and the young ones and king of the hill.

Saturday 13th

Today was alright. Saw Godzilla. Played handball with myself. At 12 kevin and Sean came down here. Me and Jim fixed the computer not to work so they couldn't play it. Me and Sean and Kevin went out to the turf and climbed up and down it we pretended it was a mountain. Kevin died and me and sean played on and pretended there were dinosaurs. I had chicken and chips. We played for a while after. Cooneys were here to. And keith. I had a bath. Got chinese. Went to mass. Mammy and daddy went out for tea. Saw pat kenny.

Sunday 14th

Today was ok. Got up at half nine. Saw telly. Made a big fry for breakfast. Didn't have to go to mass. Saw the simpsons. Played handball with myself. Nanna was here for dinner. We had pork and spuds and gravy. done homework. Played handball up against the range with Declan. He won. Played handball with myself alot. Cavan lost. Counted the wayne fortune we have alot of money. Read roal dhal. Had buns and ham sandwiches for tea. Jim went home saw eastenders and er. Mark was down, so was declan

Monday 15th

To-day was ok. I hate getting up so early. Stephen wasn't at school. Art is good. I hate french. Had chips and loads of vinegar. In pe we lost. It is good. Mammy collected us from school. We went out to cooneys for davids party. It was good I had no dinner. I ate sweets and cocktail sausages. We played games and we had a disco. Played pool with stephen. He won. Went home at half 6. Gee gave us crisps. Declan didn't come down. Saw eastenders it was class.

Tuesday 16th

To-day was alright. I really hate early mornings. Stephen was not in again today. I hurt my finger in woodwork, it is very sore. Mrs colgan but ice on it. I didnt play badminton. Played handball at lunch. I lost. Had chips. Im giving up sweets for lent. Started new piece in metalwork. Had spuds chicken and gravy for dinner. Had crisps as well.For tea I had pancakes.Played handball with myslef Saw fresh prince and home improvment. Saw eastenders and brookside. Daddy was home late.

Wednesday 17th

Today was ok. Stephen was in. The bear is back in his/geo. Oh no. Art was good. I got in trouble in religion. Played handball at lunch. Only had chips for lunch. Saved 50p. Finished Joint in woodwork. Had pizza for dinner (cheese).Done all my homework played handball with myself in the bedroom. Saw neighbours and late lunch. For tea I had noodles and a cup of tea. Watched Brit awards and spy hard.

Thursday 18th

Today was ok, played handball this morning. Science was good, we had a heart eyes and lungs.We cut up the heart. We are making a spanner in metalwork. Had a bag of chips.Had maths in the science room. had wood work in room 1. He let us out at 3:20.
Had stew for dinner, saw the ward and neighbours. Didnt get sweets (lent)For tea I had a burger and 2 cups of tea. Made a sword.Francis Rang. Saw red dwarf. No school tomorrow.

That's it for this week. I have left the spelling and grammar untouched. If there is any particular time from 98 to 05 you would like me to look up, let me know.


  1. that spanner was awful handy. i love how 50p got us so much back then. now u cant take even take a shit for 50cent. i love how you and jim fixed your computer not to work ha ha. think i did that to some sticky and heavy handed cousins of mine too.

  2. sometime around the junior cert would be good