Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Good banter/Bad banter

Good banter.

When I was at the wedding on Saturday, late in the evening, I was getting a drink when I spied one of the people working behind the bar eating a packet of tayto. Quick as a flash I quipped "would they not give you your dinner?!!" he loved it replying "oh they would, but they'd make ya pay for it!!"


Bad banter.

I was in the shop to-day buying a 2 litre bottle of coke. I noticed the label said "part of a multi-pack not to be sold separately". Whilst purchasing, I quipped "you know this isn't meant to sold separately!!". My tone (I thought) implied that I acknowledged the fact that the shop may be being a little bit cheeky, selling multi-pack only items separately for an increased profit margin, but that I didn't care, I even encouraged such behaviour! This was not what the lady working in the shop picked up on and she sternly replied "I know" as if I was criticising the shop's business model.

I felt bad.

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  1. fuck them report them to whoever enforces these rules