Monday, February 6, 2012


The presence of Nick from the apprentice and a sexy intelligent women, coupled with me being unemployed, has awakened an interest in daytime student favourite brainy game show countdown. I didn't watch much countdown when I was a student, deal or no deal was just taking off, so we were big Edmonds fans. We used to take it in turns to go to a late accounting lecture on a Monday so one of us could hang back and report on the end of the game. I don't watch deal or no deal any more because Noel and the contestants are a bit weird.

Anyway I discovered countdown for iPad, and I'm really really really good at it. I just had a game and had to share it. The app lets you play two letter rounds, two number rounds and a conundrum.

Round 1


Round 2

I got very confused in the middle of this. I mixed up 100 with 10.

Round 3

Great? More like average.

Round 4

Impressive yes?

Round 5- Conundrum

Not a fucking clue

I don't even know what this word is.


Over to you. Download countdown for your i device. It's only 79 cent. Play a full game. Send a picture of your top score to 19 is the score to beat.

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