Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'd love it if we beat them"

Newcastle Utd won the Premier league yesterday afternoon, ending their season with a 3-0 win over Blackburn Rovers. The result mattered little on the day though, as Newcastle had it in the bag with 4 games to spare. "I'm delighted for the players and the fans" manager Andrew Smith said yesterday. "And I'd like to thank everyone who has been with me since the super soccer days" he added. "A special thanks to all at EA for making a truly wonderful football game" A source close to Smith said "Although mathematically it was in the bag for Smith, a last minute goal that put his side 2-1 up against Chelsea in the third last game of the season, caused him to drop to his knees on the sitting room floor and pump not one, but two fists in the air, hardly befitting of someone doing his best in 2012 to act as functioning and mature adult"

How it finished

The players have some fun after the match

The players salute their fans

Unbelievably this is the first premier league win for Smith in his 15+ year career. (not on easy difficulty)
Smith started in the mid nineties, taking over many international squads on super soccer, although he met with limited success there. His teams had the strange habit of, if they went more than two goals down, soring own goal after own goal as if to say to the other team, "I could beat you if I tried but I just don't want to." He moved on to international super star soccer deluxe and was destined for great things but the game disappeared. No one knows who has it. He moved on to fifa 98 but this time,when losing,instead of scoring own goals, his teams would get so many players sent off that the match would simply have to be abandoned. His greatest success came on international super star soccer 98 where he won the world cup with Scotland. On medium difficulty. After a few years in the wilderness with only the dreadful fifa 2001 to play, he returned with a vengeance in 2004 with Pro evolution soccer 4. Alas success was limited and, although he could beat his friends in college with relative ease, the search for silverware with the toon went unrewarded. Soon after that he took a self imposed exile from the game when he grew his hair long, lost weight and talked to girls. This all changed though in the summer of 09 when he picked up the acclaimed fifa 09 for only ten euro. Although initially excited with the changes and impressed by the game engine, he spent most of his time hovering above the relegation zone. Things changed though,for the better this time,in November 2011 when he picked up fifa 2011 and, after a very poor first season, things clicked in his second and he destroyed the competition in the premier league. "This is my greatest achievement in sport since I won the table tennis championship on the wii in March 2010" Smith said.

When asked what the future held for him with regards to fifa 11, and maybe upgrading to fifa 12 he said "fifa 12 is a real possibility, although it's still a relatively new release and as such, I cant afford it at the minute" He pondered the question some more before adding "Circumstances may force me away from the xbox fairly soon so maybe PES 11 for the 3ds is the way to go. Either way I'm just going to enjoy this victory and not give it too much thought for the time being.

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  1. congrats, maybe a stab at winning champ league next? or taking ireland to world cup glory?