Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hot Dog!

I was doing a bit of tidying today and I found an old scratch card that I won on the lotto a while back behind the bin. It had three stars on it but I made the decision at the time to throw it out rather than sending it in and risk going on Winning Streak. What price can do you put on your dignity? (not that I have much, but I'd hate to lose what's left in front of such a large audience) It's an awful programme. Reflecting on it now, I think if I did send in the card and got on the thing, I'd just give all the prize money to charity. At least that way the humiliation would be of some benefit to somebody.

Although maybe it's not Winning Streak.

I don't like raffles. Not raffles where you buy the tickets in advance and don't have to show up to the draw, more the spontaneous raffles, where half way through something, people start selling tickets from a book of cloakroom tickets and there is a draw later on. When I was younger, I used to "pray" that my tickets wouldn't be pulled out so I wouldn't have to get up in front of everyone for the sake of a ham.

Yeah, I don't think Winning Streak is the problem.

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