Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy New Year

The year of the Dragon. Lets hope these guys don't get on the case!

As it's Chinese New Year and beginning of Spring festival, this will be China week on wallofblog. I lived there for a while last year. And I'm going going back soon. Each day I will publish an interesting (it's relative) anecdote or picture relating to my time there. I hate to keep going on about it, but I'm quicky running out of material (now that I do a post a day) and lets face it, it's all I've got really.



The city I work in, Hohhot in Inner Mongolia, is pretty remote. It feels remote, the only foreigners in the city are other english techers. Its not a tourist destination, people pass through it, rather than visit it....and yet very morning before the local shopping centre would open, Irish grown fairy women songstress Enya's 1995 No.7 hit, "Anywhere is" would be blasted out over the centres' P.A system.

Enya unites all cultures.

Westlife and Boyzone are also popular and the Saturdays and Avril lavigne are often heard on the radio in taxis. Additionally, there was a cafe/restaurant that I used to pass on the way to and from work in the evening that played Mariah Carey's 1994 No.6 hit (and holiday standard) All I want for Christmas is you, on a constant loop, out into the street. In July. That is true.

This is an interesting feature isn't it?


  1. When Whales need to relax, they listen to Enyasong.

    Thats 10% of my stand up routine there. The other 90% is a biblical confectionary reference, Book of Revelsations, and how each revel represents a different horseman of the apocalypse. It goes on for ages. And its shit.

  2. Opal fruits of thy womb......etc