Sunday, January 8, 2012

BBs Back in Business

Was trying to the save the economy the other day with a creation that would lift this country out of recession and put Ireland back on the world stage.....

What could it be.......

Guinness Ice-Cream of course!

Using a base of custard, cream and egg white for the ice cream, the reduced Guinness was added to the mixture and frozen.

At least it looked ok

The results weren’t a disaster, just underwhelming. The majority of the Guinness quickly sank to the bottom of tub resulting in a pretty tasteless ice-cream. To combat this, I’d need either something complicated with liquid nitrogen that I don’t really understand or a custom made freezer that had a constantly rotating compartment that kept the mixture moving whilst it froze. If anyone from the department of enterprise is reading this and would like to give me money to purse this further just send me an e-mail.

Until then, this awful awful recession continues.......

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