Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011. Reviewed. With pictures!

What better way to start 2012 then with a look back at 2011!!!

Went to China

It was like off the telly

Was on this

It was cold and slippy

And amazing

Drank this

Got this

Watched five series of Dexter

Gave some poor, dirty children the gift of language. Well, some pens. This is the middlest of fucking nowhere I have ever been.

Learned to play this. Badly.

Went on one of these. This is a hard sleeper carriage on a long distance Chinese train. There is about 80 of these beds per carriage. I was on the top, 3 beds from the ground!

The Inner Mongolian Grasslands. Or big fields.

This was in the middle of a massive thunder storm. Doesnt look like it. I was on a horse.

Ate this.

Came home.

Learned to cook

Went to America

It was good

Got fatter and balder


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  1. hahaha best blog best ever. my fav blog post ever. love the pic at the end mega lolz