Monday, November 7, 2011

Does anyone read this anymore?

A request,

Please never make me watch a YouTube video in your company. Im sure you find it very funny, but I don't like you staring at me while I watch. You're filled with anticipation, expecting me to crack up at the bit where the baby/dog/drunk/person you know, but with whom I have no connection and thus renders this video completely meaningless to me falls/sicks/rides/dances etc etc. I will do it, I will laugh when you start to laugh, but it will be fake. I don't like lying to you but you've forced me to do it. It's not funny. I also have a much better sense of humour than you and something you find funny will be a bit broad for my tastes anyway. I don't think there is a clip on YouTube that's not a bit by a comedian or a piece from a movie or television that is actually funny. Don't try and prove me wrong and give me some links because I wont watch it.

Thank you

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